July 13, 2017

Cayson’s Story

3-2-1- 0…….aaannnd LIFTOFF of the 12-year-old Cayson ‘Rocket Man’ Evans on a mission to tell the bullies, ‘know more’!  Middle school is a planet where kids are trying to find themselves, and are needing to feel accepted and safe.  There’s the coveted in-crowd – the kids who rock the cool factor and who usually have lots of friends; a bully haven according to Psychology Today and Time Magazine.   There’s the out-crowd – those kids who are timid, vulnerable and who perceivably have no voice – easy targets and a blast for bullies.  Rocket Man’s small frame along with his quiet spirit subjected him to being a pushover since he was 5 years old.  An all-too-familiar space for his mom, Dawn who recollects her own middle school atmosphere back in the day.   Say “boo” and she’d take flight. Say “jump” and she’d say, “how high?”  Today, she says “no more”.