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7250 Virginia Pkwy, Suite 150
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July 13, 2017

Cayson’s Story

Cayson EvansCayson “Rocket Man” Evans overcomes bullies with martial arts

3-2-1- 0…….aaannnd LIFTOFF of the 12-year-old Cayson ‘Rocket Man’ Evans on a mission to tell the bullies, ‘know more’!  Middle school is a planet where kids are trying to find themselves, and are needing to feel accepted and safe.  There’s the coveted in-crowd – the kids who rock the cool factor and who usually have lots of friends; a bully haven according to Psychology Today and Time Magazine.   There’s the out-crowd – those kids who are timid, vulnerable and who perceivably have no voice – easy targets and a blast for bullies.  Rocket Man’s small frame along with his quiet spirit subjected him to being a pushover since he was 5 years old.  An all-too-familiar space for his mom, Dawn who recollects her own middle school atmosphere back in the day.   Say “boo” and she’d take flight. Say “jump” and she’d say, “how high?”  Today, she says “no more”.

In the school hallways, when Cayson heard his name, one might say it was a bully siren – a warning that he was about to face lions, and tigers, and bears.  Bullies would shove and jump in front of him in line, but he didn’t feel comfortable speaking up for himself.  Not exactly the vision Dawn and his dad, Pete, or any parent ever wants of their child.  But ‘no more’ – not for mom and not for Cayson.  The 4’7” petite Rocket Man sets to expel intimidation and bullying, even if he had to do it flying solo.

Loaded with mom’s DNA as a track athlete, he can smoke a cheetah and with dad’s DNA, he’s quite the baseball player – the athletic potential that could have easily thrust him into the in-crowd, reducing the probability of him being subjected to bullying.  Rocket Man wanted to explore his own journey; explore where else his potential could carry him.  At the age of 8, with the help of his parents, he discovered Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of McKinney where he began a journey in taekwondo; a choice that would lead to an amazing transformation.  Learning and discovering cool floor routines and how to break barriers, rising to face challenges under the Tiger-Rock R15E system, and loading himself with personal protection techniques from Tiger-Rock’s Bully Know curriculum – he found Cayson. He found confidence.  He found his voice.  

Once he had some training under his belt, whenever he’d step onto the mat to perform solo taekwondo demonstrations, he would hear a thunderous energizing chant of his name by every one of his peers – quite the contrary from the school hallways.  He could feel their anticipation of a great performance; their energy igniting his energy.  His confidence, the propellant, leading him to believe that the sky is the limit….and Rocket Man is set to launch!  ‘Pushing 4-star performances!

His talent and commitment places him among an elite 1% of students who rank skip from Red to Black Belt at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of McKinney, where they promote values that are key to life such as goals, focus, confidence, courage, and attention to details. At 10 years old, these life skills put Rocket Man on top of the world, with his double sword demonstration earning him a gold medal at the Tiger-Rock World Tournament. 

When he finally lands at middle school, the bullies being deceived by his petite frame and reserved demeanor, attempts to spew fire on Rocket Man but he quickly extinguishes it with his unshakable confidence and a warning that sends them scattering like ashes.  Cayson stood firm, looked in their eyes, and very politely let the Bully Know ‘no more’ could they push him over. ‘No more’ was he intimidated.  The empowering techniques he learned at Tiger-Rock proved to be effective.  When he sees a bully targeting other kids, he speaks up for those who seemingly have no voice.  An equal opportunity protector, Cayson even stepped in to shield a teacher who was being bullied, garnering him respect from his classmates, the teens, as well as the school principal.   

One may now be curious whether Cayson is with the in-crowd or the out-crowd.  His parents say thanks to his journey in the Tiger-Rock R15E program, he’s comfortable flying solo.  He’s loaded with the love and confidence he gained from his family and the ever-so-cool, Tiger-Rock nation.

No more fear.  No more bullies. No more does he even believe that the sky is the limit, but rather, there is no limit.  He’s performing martial arts demonstrations, musicals, and public speaking in front of large audiences, leading his baseball team in stolen bases; he’s a Team Captain at Tiger-Rock and a candidate for 4th Degree Black Belt. The transformation is clear – Rocket Man now has a courage and confidence that defies gravity.  Mission accomplished!

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