7250 Virginia Pkwy, Suite 150
McKinney, TX 75071 | Phone: (214) 585-0555
7250 Virginia Pkwy, Suite 150
McKinney, TX 75071 | Phone: (214) 585-0555

McKinney TX Adult Martial Arts Training

Our martial arts program for students 16 years old and older

McKinney TX Adult Martial Arts trainingMcKinney TX Adult Martial Arts training from Tiger-Rock will help you improve flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, and focus. We encourage you to take advantage of our flexible schedule that allows for weekday evening and Saturday morning training. Here are four major reasons why you should engage in martial arts training:

Find your edge. Tiger-Rock combines the latest developments in physical fitness with traditional Korean martial arts traditions to form a great workout. Our academy’s energetic classes will help with your strength and conditioning. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts will help you discover your physical edge.

Reduce your stress. We know that it is a hectic world out there. You have obligations that keep you on the go. Your family. Your career. School. The list is endless. That causes a great deal of stress to build up and as you know, too much stress is detrimental to your health. Tiger-Rock martial arts classes will help you reduce your stress by putting your energy into positive use.

Sharpen your skills. McKinney TX Adult Martial Arts training at Tiger-Rock is a program that is designed to help boost your mental and physical skills. Through our training, you will become a much more focused individual, helping you boost your mental keenness. You will also become much more adept at self-defense through our counter-aggression training.

Have fun. The most important thing we want you to do at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is to have fun while taking part in our training program. You will learn valuable skills, experience positive life changes, and learn new things about yourself mentally and physically. And it’s also the perfect place to go after a long day.

McKinney TX adult martial arts training program is open to students 16 and up.

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Taekwondo Training

Tiger-Rock’s world-class traditional taekwondo training combines the ancient Korean martial art with modern day advances. Students will receive an all around training experience that will improve skills and physical fitness.

Strength and Conditioning Training

Physical fitness is a major part of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Our Adults program includes Strength and Conditioning training that promises a challenging, intense, yet very rewarding experience.

Tiger-Rock Elite Counter-Aggression Training

Elite Counter Aggression Training enhances your martial arts instruction by providing key lessons in self-defense, helping you become better prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Your journey begins with the first step: choosing Tiger-Rock

Start at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts today by enrolling in our Introductory Course. This special beginners’ course includes:

  • Three official martial arts lessons
  • A complimentary official training uniform
  • Official performance evaluation